Company Profile

NO.10 Chemical Established in 1994, specializing in the development, production and sales of plasticizer chlorinated paraffin, chlorinated paraffin heat stabilizer, flame retardant and ADC foaming agent. The company's products are widely used in wire and cable, lubricants, coatings, fireproof and waterproof materials as well as artificial leather, shoe materials, PVC sheet, wallpaper, insulation materials and many other fields.

Evelopment History

NO.10 Chemical factory was founded in 1994. On September 24, 1997, it was renamed as the Xing Yang NO.10 Chemical plant. After 6 years of development, the company officially changed its name to XING YANG NO.10 CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the development and application of chemical products and equipment.

Our Mission

The company will always adhere to the concept of good faith management, on the basis of mutual benefit and reciprocity, based on market demand, put "optimize product quality, reduce customer cost" in the first place of work, and strive for the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic. The company provides high quality products and after-sales service with higher cost performance.